As I finished my lunch break and went back to my office, the “muslim” salafists happened to just finish their weekly prayer at the mosque.

I’ve been to numerous gatherings and huge events where crowds were uncountable and beyond what my vision field could contain, but today was simply a new level.
I sat behind my desk to suddenly catch thousands of black shirted men with long beards and dark flags running towards me, and I then remembered that my office is just 10 meters away from the “infidel” American KFC.

The troops were headed like they’re going to war, to the borders, to liberate Lebanon from the Israeli soldiers. I felt as if Israel or America was feet away. The masses that I saw were indescribable, the look on their faces was full with rage and harmful intentions. I couldn’t help myself from staring at these vicious Tripolitans.

Few seconds in, I start hearing gunshots and the echo of a grenade dropped inside the restaurant that they personally dine in day in day out, the restaurant in which their friends or at least fellow citizens and neighbors work. And as usual, so predicted, the police came few minutes later, on foot, entering slowly the conflict zone, and running out like a bunch of chickens in seconds, I wonder who should have been afraid of the other…

The number of people now blocking my view was huge.
Trying to block out the disturbing noises, I started noticing things on the street, in mid-chaos, I noticed a little kid holding a stuffed animal stolen from KFC as if he just went out of Disney Land, holding his FATHER’s hand, and walking happily across the street. I also came across another kid with two footballs in his hands ( also stolen from KFC ) walking proudly like he just won a war. And finally, a stable green tree who couldn’t run away and was stuck chocking on their American heavy smoke.

Lebanese Government; this is what you get for being so far away from your people, for not dealing with your society and its needs. Prime Minister; I sincerely wished the KFC was closer to your house, maybe then you would have cared a little about your city and controlled those idiotic masses.

It is really enough to cover any idea with a religious outlook to convince Arabs to blindly follow your wishes.


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